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Switch Bot/Flow Feature available in All channels now!

Yesterday we added a new feature about switching bot/flow between different phone numbers in WhatsApp, SMS and Voice.

The feature is now available for all channels! But there is a difference to mention:

WhatsApp, SMS and Voice channel are using users' phone numbers for user_id (user identification), so there is no conflict when you switch a bunch of users from an old number to another phone number.

However, channels like Facebook are using user_id to identify users and each user_id is unique only under this page, it's not unique in the whole Facebook. If the user is switched from one Facebook page to another Facebook page carrying the old page user_id, conflicts might appear. 

Therefore, all bot users will be removed to avoid conflicts.


when you unlink a bot (not in WhatsApp, SMS or Voice), your bot users are kept in the flow.


when you link a bot (not in WhatsApp, SMS or Voice), all bot users in the flow are removed.