Bug fix: the Zero decimal currency issue for stripe payment

We have implement a fix for the zero decimal currency issue such as JPY inside the Stripe integration

Fixed bug of Unable to store 0 in a text field inside Question block when using "text"

There was an issue when trying to store the number 0 inside of a text block in a question block. This has now been resolved

Update facebook to show multiple images

Previously the live chat only shows 1 image, now if you upload multiple images at the same time, all will show up in your Live chat.

Coupon Code Bug Fixed

This is an update about coupon code in the ecommerce system.

Before the update, you might fail when creating a coupon code.

Now you can successfully create and apply a code on the checkout page.

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Instagram Story Mention

update on the instagram story mention feature, now it can reply to the new subscriber and existing subscriber.