Multiple language support

In the user settings, you can set up language, also if you are our partners, you can also find the language settings in your partner settings.

If you set up the default language in your partner settings, every workspace created will be in that language by default.

Currently support language is:
- English
- Chinese
- Spanish
- French
- Hebrew
- Portuguese(Brazil)
- Turkish

If you want to help us translate the language, here is how to do that:

Add new system field "Last Message"

Add image, sticker, audio, video, file, location check in keywords

Delete workspace under Partner settings

image (65).png 54.02 KB
Now partner can delete the workspace under their custom domain.

This is only available for partners.

More about our partner program:

More updates you can find here:

If you have any suggestion, you can submit here:


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Add fb comment through dialogflow

image (61).png 47.15 KB

Now you can use Dialogflow to automatically detect the intent of the comment and then reply.

More details you can find in this video:

Add stripe invoice payment trigger.

add stripe invoice payment succeeded and stripe invoice payment failed trigger for stripe buy button of subscription webhook
image (55).png 28.48 KB

The sample data in the webhook payload:

'id', 'object', 'account_country', 'account_name', 'amount_due', 'amount_paid', 'amount_remaining',
                        'attempt_count', 'attempted', 'created', 'currency', 'customer', 'customer_email', 'customer_name',
                        'hosted_invoice_url', 'invoice_pdf','livemode', 'number', 'payment_intent',
                        'period_end', 'period_start', 'status', 'subscription', 'tax', 'tax_percent',
                        'total', 'total_discount_amounts', 'total_excluding_tax', 'total_tax_amounts'

Triggers: assigned to agent trigger added

This is an update about triggers. We added a new trigger called "assigned to agent".

In any bot, go Automation > Triggers and you will find it here:

This can be used along with the "assign to agent" action. In Action Step > Basic Actions > Assign to Agent:

Instagram/Omni Channel - Action Step - Instagram API action added

This is an update about the Action Step on Instagram Channel and Omni Channel.

Action Step > Advanced Actions > Instagram API:

There are 3 actions available:

1. Get IG User - get the Instagram profile of this bot user including info like "have the user followed you?" and their Instagram username, etc

2. Get IG Account - get the Instagram account info of the current chatbot including info like "how many followers does it have?".

3. Get IG Account Media - get media like video etc.

Facebook Comment - Hide user comment

This is an update about Facebook channel - comment growth tool.

You can now select "Hide the user comment" when setting a comment in your Facebook bot:

This means that, when keyword matched, your bot can automatically hide this comment in your post.

Released WhatsApp Cloud API as new Channel

You can now build your whatsapp chatbot with cloud API.

Demo video:

Help documentation:

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Send WhatsApp Single / Multiple Product Message

This is an update about the WhatsApp channel - Send Message Step.

Two new message types are added to the Send Message Step in the WhatsApp channel.

They are "Single Product" and "Multiple Products", find them in the "Catalog Product":

Catalog Id and Product Id are required:

Send WhatsApp & Telegram Notification in the Action Step!!

This is an update about Action Step - Notification.

Before the update, you are able to send SMS, Voice, Email and Slack Notifications.

Now you can also send WhatsApp and Telegram notifications!!

In an action step, select "Notification":

WhatsApp Notification:

Select a sender from the "From Phone Number" list. A valid sender must have a WhatsApp bot connected to it in the same workspace.

Besides, the receiver must be an existing bot user in the WhatsApp bot, plus, within the 24 hours window. Otherwise, the action fails.

Telegram Notification:

The same applies to Telegram notification. You must have a Telegram chatbot in the same workspace to send out a Telegram notification. And the receiver must be an existing bot user.

You can search a receiver in the Telegram bot by their Telegram User Id, User Ns, Email or Phone Number.

Switch Bot/Flow Feature available in All channels now!

Yesterday we added a new feature about switching bot/flow between different phone numbers in WhatsApp, SMS and Voice.

The feature is now available for all channels! But there is a difference to mention:

WhatsApp, SMS and Voice channel are using users' phone numbers for user_id (user identification), so there is no conflict when you switch a bunch of users from an old number to another phone number.

However, channels like Facebook are using user_id to identify users and each user_id is unique only under this page, it's not unique in the whole Facebook. If the user is switched from one Facebook page to another Facebook page carrying the old page user_id, conflicts might appear. 

Therefore, all bot users will be removed to avoid conflicts.


when you unlink a bot (not in WhatsApp, SMS or Voice), your bot users are kept in the flow.


when you link a bot (not in WhatsApp, SMS or Voice), all bot users in the flow are removed.

Switch Bot/Flow between Phone Numbers (WhatsApp, SMS & Voice)

Before the update, if you need to move a flow from no/one number to another, you will need to publish the old flow to be a template then install it to the new numbers. In that way, bot users in the old flow are not moved to the new number. Only the flow is moved.

Now you can easily switch flow between numbers, all bot users are moved together with the flow and settings.

Simply, click on the unlink button to disconnect the flow with the number and click on link button, then choose a standalone flow to link the flow with the number:

Add WhatsApp/Telegram/Line Chat Widget on your Website like Facebook Messenger

This is an update about Flow Builder - Tools - Widgets in WhatsApp, Telegram and Line channels.

Before the update, you can only add Facebook Chatbot on your website like this:

Now you can add your WhatsApp chatbot to your website!

Follow steps 1-4 to create a new widget then click the pencil icon to enter the edit interface

Follow steps 1-7 to edit the widget and save. Copy the snippet to your website page

You can see what will the widget look like on your website while you edit it

New Action Added: Clear All Custom User Fields

This is an update about Action Step.

We add a new action called "Clear All Custom User Fields". This step helps you clear the values from all custom user fields in one action.

image.png 154.27 KB

BOT_CURRENT_TIME system field added

This is an update about the system field.

Before the update, there are NOW, TODAY system fields that refer to the current time/date of the users (if they have a timezone in their profile, otherwise based on workspace's timezone).

Now a new system field is added called BOT_CURRENT_TIME. This one is the current time based on the workspace's timezone.

API Added: Get Order by Order ID & Get Orders by User Ns

This is an update about UChat APIs.

2 new APIs added about order:

Get Orders by User Ns:

Get Order by Order ID:

Auto cleanup bot users based on time interval

This is an update about bot settings.

We add a new way for you to auto cleanup bot users. You can cleanup bot user when reached bot user limit or time interval.

For example, set up the cleanup to 90 days and the bot will automatically remove users who haven't interacted with your bot over 90 days.

These cleanup conditions are checked once per day, not in real-time.

Alternatively, for more customized cleanup conditions, we suggest you use a datetime based trigger to do a regular check and in the workflow, setup your own condition like only clean guest user or user without contact information, etc.

image.png 39.25 KB

Hide channel or limits bots in channels

You can now hide channel or limited the bots can be built in particular channel.

You can find the settings in your dashboard, "workspace settings" and then "channels"

Image 2021-11-13 at 2.56.31 pm.jpg 72.22 KB

Delete Bot User in Action Step or Setup Bot User limit

Hello guys,

You can now clear bot users automatically!

1. Flow Builder - Action Step - Basic Actions - Delete Bot User
2. Settings - General - Bot User Limit

Kindly check this tutorial:

Stop/Recover Bot Automation in Facebook Inbox

For the Facebook Messenger chatbot, you can now stop/recover bot automation without accessing UChat.

By simply
1. move the user to "done"
2. move the user to "main"
in your Facebook Business Suit (web or phone) inbox.

Kindly check this tutorial:

User Menu available in Telegram Chatbot

You can now see "User Menus" section added in:

Telegram flow - Contents - User Menus

Beside, use "Set User Menu" to switch from one menu to another:

Action Step - Advanced Actions - Set User Menu

Please check on this tutorial for how to use it.

Mini app 2.0 beta introduced

With mini app 2.0, you can build your mini app integration with third party visually and no coding required.

Image 2021-10-12 at 10.46.18 am.jpg 37.61 KB

Reply all Facebook & Instagram post comments are supported

New condition of " If comments is anything" is added to Facebook & Instagram comments growth tool.

As per screenshot below, now you can set up automation to reply to all comments.

VideoSDK Integrate with UChat

Now you can initiate video calls right inside of all the channel UChat support

WhatsApp Messenger Templates supported

You can find the template section in the WhatsApp Channel, Content Tag. 

Sync the template from your BSP provider, and use the template in send message module.

Human agent Tag added for Facebook Messenger Channel

Now with the new tag added, you can reach out to customer within 7 days window. Don't abuse it, you need to comply with Facebook messenger policy, other you might put your page at risk.

Facebook Ads Payload Support

With this updates, now you can connect chatbot flows with your Facebook Ads Manager. 

Also you can pass the UTM parameters right into your chatbot. 

You can also see the analytics of the ads performance in UChat.

Video tutorials:

Google Analytics Integration

Now you can install Google Analytics mini app. 

With our Google Analytics Integration, you can pass the conversion event to your Google Analytics property. 

Also you can pass extra UTM parameters to your Google Analytics. 

Email Templates

Now we allow you to create email templates with a simple, powerful email builder. 

The templates can be used across all the channels in the workspace. 

You can insert custom variable in the email content. 

Telegram Support Markdown & HTML

Telegram message support "Parse mode", MarkdownV2 , Markdown ,HTML.

MarkdownV2 may not work if the message or content of user field contains some special characters. If only simple markdown required, then use Markdown

Inbound Webhook Introduced

With inbound webhook, now you can connect your chatbot automation with 3rd party applications, CRMs directly.

Live demo: